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Structured pre construction wiring cabling

Structured Cabling Services

Structured wiring provides TV, internet, and phone signal from a centralized point to all of the rooms within your home. Best time for any cabling additions is in new construction or remodeling as open walls makes routing and planning anything simple and easy. This is the most custom and cost effective way to modernize and increase the value and feel of any home or business.

Wired Network TV Phone Installer

Wired Network, TV, And Phone

With open walls, you can add network ports to any room for fast and reliable internet since hard wired connections are the most reliable and allow for full speed usage. Following proper installation techniques and rules, we get the job done fast, neat, and safe. Click here for more information on wired and wireless system. 

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance systems are most our most popular installation while your walls are open. This allows the us to place the cameras where you want while having a way to route the cable from the camera to the main panel properly and easily. Click here for more information on surveillance systems.

Surveillance Camera Structured Wiring
Seamless Home Theater Structured Wiring

Seamless Home Theaters

Ever wondered how "in-wall" or "in-ceiling" speakers are installed for home theaters? Majority of the time they are installed before drywall for that truly flush and seamless design. It is easier to plan what can be installed when walls are open. Click here for more information on home theaters.

Future Proofing

Another popular way to increase the value and potential of your home is "future proofing" it with routed wires that are tucked away and on stand by ready for devices to be installed either by you or new owners moving in. 

Future Proofing Structured Cabling
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