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Home Theater Installer

Home Theater Services

Home theater systems come in all different shapes and sizes. We have displays for every situation and they can all be installed to fit with your décor from ultra-slim LED TVs to projection systems of any size.


TV Installation Services

Mounting TV's can be stressful requiring the correct mounting hardware as well as a properly rated mount for each TV. We can provide, install, and set up your entertainment center removing any headache for a low fixed price!

Prices as low as $149.99! Click below to for more details!

Entertainment Rack Installation

This is your main entertainment hub and location for other controllers, recorders and internet devices such as routers and switches. Everything will meet into one easy to see and organized accordingly for ease of use and have a professional look.

Entertainment Rack Installation

Surround Sound Systems

If you have an amazing receiver setup but low quality speakers, then your audio system won't perform as well as you hoped. We make sure the system is tuned and rated correctly for that perfect system you were wishing for. In-Ceiling or in-wall speakers can be difficult to align and install properly. We make the installation process safe and easy.

Structured Cabling 

Ever wondered how "in-wall" or "in-ceiling" speakers are installed for home theaters? Majority of the time they are installed before drywall for that truly flush and seamless design. As low voltage contractors, we know it's better to plan what can be installed when walls are open. Click here for more information on structured cabling.

Structured Cabling Home Theater
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